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Freedom of Speech

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

I had the most extraordinary thing happen with my book. I attend a workout facility and know they have many pregnant woman as clients. I asked if I could place my book at the register and postcards with my info on them.  It  seemed to be like a good fit for my book. I guess not. I was approached by management there and they handed me back my book and postcards stating that ” your book has caused  controversy here.” I was a little surprised to hear that. They went on to say” there is a woman here who will not come back if the book is in the studio.”

For me this brings up Farenheit 451. Isn’t it enough to not like the book but to demand it be taken out of the facility a bit controlling. If every person listened to an ignorant uneducated woman like this wouldn’t half of the books in the world be burning in some trash can. Okay I am a bit dramatic. But why does her uncomfortability with the topic outweigh the content in the book. Yes there is sperm mentioned in the book. Is having help with conceiving a crime?  Scientist have been hard at work to help create miracles for families all over the world. They have made the impossible possible for many of us. I believe this is a generational thing as well. She is in her sixties and the language of infertility is a foreign concept. Back when she was having children you either could or couldn’t!

I feel so fortunate to live in a time where medical advances create miracles. Thats how I feel.

I suppose the content hit a nerve for her and my guess is it will do the same for many other people. But I feel it is every personal right to make a choice that works for them, whether it be their sexuality, or being a vegan, choosing how to start a family. The list goes on and on. My idea in life is live and let live. But that’s me.


To Tell or not to tell?

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

For me it always seemed like the obvious choice to talk to my children about how they were conceived.  Yet it seems many families have not thought about sharing their childs conception or are adamantly opposed to speaking about it. It reminds me of adoption back when families made the choice to never tell their child that they were adopted.

Some might say peas and potatoes but I like to think that honesty is the best policy. Especially when so much time and love went into families who use assisted reproduction. I feel the world is opening up about the topic of IVf. But when I share how my children were born I always get “oh I didn’t know that.” It feels negative. I also am meant with ” we did it the old fashioned way.” Well who the heck wouldn’t want to do it the old fashioned way. Sometimes this is not a possibility and we have to explore how to get from A to B a way we had not invisioned. I feel very proud of  the process I went through to have what I wanted most in my life, a child.

Now once we get them it’s a whole other ball game.