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To Tell or not to tell?

For me it always seemed like the obvious choice to talk to my children about how they were conceived.  Yet it seems many families have not thought about sharing their childs conception or are adamantly opposed to speaking about it. It reminds me of adoption back when families made the choice to never tell their child that they were adopted.

Some might say peas and potatoes but I like to think that honesty is the best policy. Especially when so much time and love went into families who use assisted reproduction. I feel the world is opening up about the topic of IVf. But when I share how my children were born I always get “oh I didn’t know that.” It feels negative. I also am meant with ” we did it the old fashioned way.” Well who the heck wouldn’t want to do it the old fashioned way. Sometimes this is not a possibility and we have to explore how to get from A to B a way we had not invisioned. I feel very proud of  the process I went through to have what I wanted most in my life, a child.

Now once we get them it’s a whole other ball game.



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